Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The Perfect Storm in The Barents Sea

Continuing my adventure...
Today the work is stopped...The reason...? Nothing special...Just a nice breeze over the Barents Sea!
Waves from 6 to 8 meters and a REALLY strong wind!It's going to last for, at least, 2 days... Hang on sailors!

Just made a movie from several places in the ship...Deck, bridge... and to create some more drama added a soundtrack - Carl Orff, Fortuna from Carmen Burana.

Sorry guys...Unfortunately someone sitted behind a desk without anything else to do thought that this 2 minutes could be dangerous within a "corporative view" of offshore work. I was asked (forced) to delete the movie from the net... Whatever...fight the system...I will get a way of getting the movie back here again (just not in youtube) ;)


Anonymous said...

Sorry for you man... maybe nobody want to come offshore for working... take care...